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BE AWARE OF YOUR 'CARBON FOOTPRINT' to act consequently  


ECO2-SYSTEM Europa offers to you to determine your annual carbon footprint. That is, the tons of CO2-equivalent associated to the fossil fuel consumption -direct consumption (for heating, for own cars, ..) and indirect  (through electricity consumption, taking flights, .. etc.)- generated by your current activities. Either we talk of companies -or other type of organisations- or regarding to determine the impact on global CO2 emissions generated by the families' energy consumption -direct and indirect: home needs, private cars, trips,  etc.

Thus, by your being aware of your environmental impact in terms of the main greenhouse-effect gas (GHG), you might decide to take energy-saving measures, introduce more energy-efficiency processes, change policies, current habits, etc. And so eventually get yearly reductions of your carbon footprint.

Following this path you might consider also the convenience of offsetting, totally or partially, the equivalent tons of CO2 that, unavoidably, today will keep generating your activities.



Climate sustainability  is an aim that concerns all us. Therefore, our services proposal is addressed both,

- to COMPANIES and other organisations (Municipalities, other public entities, associations, clubs, ...)

- to  PRIVATE: Families, groups and individuals on their own.

Do you want to get an approximate idea on your 'carbon footprint'? Or perhaps just about the impact on CO2 emissions from your last trip -be that by plane, train or private car?  We offer you to calculate them for free: → @ 









COMPANIES and other organisations

Most of the European companies come not obliged to report to public authorities on their carbon emissions, neither come they subject to meet compulsory limits under the European Emissions Trade System. But more and more increases the number of companies that freely decide to engage in monitoring and voluntary reporting on their carbon footprint, and getting external certificates on that (see on the left) and/or by adhering to an ad hoc public programme*. Which is seen as a sound  policy of transparency before their shareholders and clients.  

(*)   For example, the EMAS Verified environment management, or the Catalan Government's Programa d'Acords Voluntaris (Voluntary Commitment Programme).

If your organisation has assumed as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility an environmental commitment, it will be fundamental for you to know which is the impact of the company's current activities on global carbon emissions, since this is a first step towards adopting measures that reduce -directly or indirectly- that carbon footprint. On the first place by means of reducing your direct energy-consumption (electricity, fossil fuels, ..) as well and the indirect one (staff's trips, logistic services, ..).

And eventually by means of offsetting partially or totally that impact on global emissions that is unavoidable in the short run for your organisation. (read more

[Specific for companies that come obliged to report emissions under the European Trade System:  Contact ]





Any house consumes electricity, which, at least in the short run, comes mostly from power plants that generate important quantities of CO2 emissions. The house also likely consume 'natural gas' for heating and cooking, so producing direct carbon emissions. And we should not forget of the use of private cars, which is also a relevant source of direct CO2 emissions; as well as of your leisure or holidays trips, be by plane, train or ship, which also imply a proportional share on relevant carbon emissions.

To determine your carbon footprint at the individual-family level is the first step to be aware of this environmental reality, and then to take a proactive attitude towards reducing your direct and indirect contribution to the accumulation of CO2 into the atmosphere, the main GHG, and through it, to the climate change.

A proactive attitude that you might besides decide to complement by offsetting that contribution to global emissions that be at present unavoidable for you. (read more on the latter

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