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Offsetting your impact on CO2 global emissions

for COMPANIES  and Organisations in general



                              Go carbon neutral as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility                                        


Concerns over climate change provide an opportunity to show that you are motivated to take responsibility for the impact your business is having on the environment basically through direct energy consumption, staff flights, etc.

More over, going carbon neutral does not necessarily should imply a cost. In fact, your company may derive benefits from incorporating carbon offsetting as part of a carbon reduction strategy.







Many companies recognise that carbon offsetting is an essential part of an integrated carbon management programme, delivering the following benefits:

▪  Carbon offsetting provides an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions to meet a significant target which will build reputation and leadership. Meeting a carbon neutral target is the only way a business can say it has taken full responsibility for its carbon emissions making it an integral part of their social responsibility programme.

▪  Frequently carbon offset are more immediate and cost-effective emission reductions than those which can be achieved through internal reductions.

▪  For leased offices or manufacturing facilities, infrastructure changes which make an impact on carbon emissions can take significant time and budget to implement.

▪ Carbon offsetting creates a cost benchmark against which all other carbon reduction activities can be measured.

At EcoSystem Europa we enable organisations to offset, wholly or partially, their carbon footprint, providing them with the corresponding external certificate.


... for CORPORATIONS & Large Organisations:

We are now in a world of increased corporate social responsibility (CSR) where consumers and employees are more concerned about the environment. This means your business's corporate carbon strategy makes both social and commercial sense. To have a carbon reduction and offsetting strategy in place enhance your corporate image and increases positive customer perception, while demonstrating CSR.



... as well as SMEs


Your company can derive benefits from having a carbon reduction and offsetting strategy in place: Many individuals prefer conduct business with organisations that can demonstrate a solid carbon management programme. Big manufacturers are growing to state requirements to their suppliers regarding they to have a low-carbon strategy in place.





More over, the road towards approaching carbon-emissions neutrality does not necessarily imply an extra-cost. Consumers are increasingly choosing to engage more with business that have a low carbon strategy, and exhibit concerns over their impact on climate change. Becoming carbon neutral can be used as a brand differentiation (green marketing).

EcoSystem Europa offers to you its carbon offsetting services in the framework of your company’s carbon reduction strategy to fight climate change




◊   Define your ‘go carbon neutral’ policy

   Evaluate your present annual carbon footprint (tn. of CO2-equivalent)

  - from Company’s overall activities; or some specific ones, as

  - .. Corporate big events, like annual conventions,

  - .. Staff’s business trips

  - ....

  Decide the extent of your offsetting

Which part of the above? Your decision will then translate into a given  'X' Tn. of CO2-equivalent".

  Offsetting of that decided impact, through certified projects

The above tn. of CO2-equivalent TN. will be offset by our buying-and-cancelling carbon credits on your behalf -in the Union Registry-, ensuring that carbon reductions of the same quantity are achieved in your name.

One carbon credit guarantees a reduction of 1 tn. CO2  on global emissions.

These carbon-reduction credits are sourced from projects that have been validated by international entities, and whose emissions-reductions are independently verified to strict guide lines.


















Our offsetting services run on the following basis: According to your decision regarding the scope of your offsetting policy, ...

We offer to you specific certified projects (see below) for you to choose the one/s to which contribute/support through the international compensation mechanism described before ( ), at the time we inform you regarding the respective  prices for carbon-credit of those projects. (price per tn. of CO2 reduction).

Following your choice, we buy in the carbon-credits market the number of carbon credits -usually Certified Emissions Reduction, CER; but also VER (see below)-, and authomatically we cancell them on your behalf  in the public Union Registry (UR) that keeps the European Union.

As a result, then we provide to you a certificate stating the above, with the public guarantee of the UR.

Thus, the projects included in our offering portfolio will enhance your CSR strategy as they include strong social and green energy benefits.


FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US for more information about



   independently audited,

   generate certified 'carbon credits', on the grounds of

   verified reduction of GHG emissions

The offsetting projects we select have been endowed with certified carbon credits either Certified Emission Reductions (CER) -in the case of Clean Development Mechanism's projects- or Verified Emissions Reductions (VER). In the latter case the projects are not necessarily in less developed countries but they may even be local. These VER's projects make part of the so-called voluntary (unregulated) carbon credit offsetting market. However, the VER are certified and audited under criteria (as The Gold Standard's, f.e.) similar to those applied by the UNFCCC; and their annual emissions-reduction's audits are issued by internationally credited entities, as f.e. TÜV (which in turn is  also the main certifying entity credited by the UNFCCC for its projects). 

Thus, by buying such carbon credits you will also be actively participating in those sustainable development projects: Beyond to reduce carbon emissions, to generate jobs, provide affordable energy to locals, or improve local living conditions are key elements for a project to be validated and certified.

Thus, your offsetting will not only have a positive impact on the global environment -which in some way might appear as something abstract: You will be also  contributing to a sustainable progress of precarious economy  communities.


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